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Jack Black - Be Kind Rewind Interview

3BlackChicks Review™... Be Kind Rewind- The Interviews (The Diva)

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Jack Black
Star of
Be Kind Rewind (2007)

Question: Did you ever Swede movies?

Jack Black : I never had a video camera growing up, but um you know, I made lots of short films in my mind when I was pretending to be the bionic man, or monsters. If there was a camera rolling I would have made some very funny short films I think. I wasn't thinking angles or anything, but just my characters were really entertaining. For me. My monsters.

Question: Are you one of those people who can if you really like a film quote back big chunks of it?

Jack Black : No not really, I have a bad memory for words. So no.

Question: Seems like Gondry's movies come out looking super playful, is that how it is when you're doing them, or is it the opposite, and he's really militaristic and precise.

Jack Black : He's pretty loose. It seemed like some of the time he was the only one who knew what he wanted to do that day, he would come with new ideas and thing, it was kind of like a playground in a lot of ways, and he was the ringleader.

Just in terms of dialogue, he was open to improv, but not in regard to what films we were making, or as to the structure of the story or anything like that.

Question: Do you have any idea about movies you would like to have seen remade?

Jack Black : I would have liked to have done, i like sci-fi action movies the most, it's my favorite genre, I really liked doing Robocop, could have done Robocop 2 nd 3 as well. Maybe Road Warrior. Terminator. The naked Schwartznegger standing up slowly. But he had his favorite movies he wanted to remake, so.

Question: How about any of your own movies.

Jack Black : We did do the old King Kong, but that doesn't really count. No, that would have been strange. It would have been a joke within a joke. It would have taken people out of the movie...that's why we didn't do Lethal Weapon Either.

Question: His character wants to be acknowledged. Is that something you want as an actor?

Jack Black : I did, originally. But I don't hunger for more recognition. I'm happy the way it is.

Question: You've worked with diverse array of directors at this point. What makes Gondry unique?

Jack Black : Gondry uh....is um oh god, what is it that's diff about him than all the other directors? He's the most childish ina way? Def. The most inventive I think if he wasn't a film director he would def be inventing gadgets and cool little working pieces of art.

Question: Have you come across the term sweding or any other terms that you made up?ot my line. Sweding was Michel's and i could never get to the bottom of why he called it sweding. I don't know it's what it is. It's just sweding.--ok, like from sweden? “no—yes—whatever. Does not matter.

Question: Seems like this movie has a lot to say about the studio system, what' required to make a film and what's required to get an audience. I was wondering if that's a serious comment, or just goes with the plot.

Jack Black : I never thought that was part of what was happening, that went over my head if that's what he was trying to do. For me, it was more just a celebration of creativity, and yeah, if it was saying something about the industry, it's that anyone can make a movie, even though it seems like, oh look at that movie, they must really be brilliant. It's too late for me to make movies, or I can't do that i don't have the money. You can make films for almost no budget, and anyone can do it anywhere in the world. Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Question: I first noticed you in High Fidelity, and after that, started seeing you everywhere previous to High fidelity. Nobody’s an overnight success, how long was your overnight success to that point?

Jack Black : I worked in film since 1991 I think. I did that movie Bob Roberts with Tim Robbins, I had a lot of nuggets and parts that tided me over until the year 2000 when i did high fidelity. There was like 9 or 9 years of just treading water, and going back and living at my moms rather than get a real job. Just hoping, waiting, trying. But once I got hi-fidelity things have been going pretty good. I don't live at my mom's anymore.

Question: I'm sure she appreciates that.

Jack Black : She still keeps my room ready, just in case! Be kind rewind is a totla flop, I can go back.

Question: Do you identify more as a character actor or as a lead? I've been getting mostly lead offers, but I feel like a character. I just finished this military film with Ben Stiller where I was a character in an ensemble cast, it was fun to go back to that.

Question: Do the pressures of being a lead actor concern you. Of having to carry a film, produce box-office, or would you rather be char actor.

Jack Black : I like the character actor days off, that's the only thing that concerns me, how full-on the job is, but besides that, i kinda like being in every scene. It's fun.

Question: Are you a VHS man or a DVD.

Jack Black : DVD.

Question: Why?

Jack Black : I like to skip around, I like to skip to my favorite scenes, and unlike vinyl records I don't think VHS tapes look better than DVDs. Is that an argument? Do some people say yeah VHS, that's better quality? You know what I mean? Esp. now that I got my blu-ray. I am a real snob I will only watch hi-definition.

Question: Do you watch yourself in hi-def?

Jack Black : Of course! No, I don't have any of my movies in blu-ray

Question: How did you create a rapport with Mos Def?

Jack Black : We had not me before, but we just had rehearsals, in NY we got together with Michel and it seemed good, we shared sense of humor and a passion for music, I am kinda surprised we never wrote any songs or anything, that's the only regret, we didn't have more time to jam, that would have been cool if we started a band.

Question: Have you and your man Kyle done some more tenacious D.

Jack Black : We’re gonna do more Tenacious D. We've been trying to write, and the songs are so stupid. We're not ready, we need a couple more years I think. I'm thinking 2012 will be the release of our next album. We've got one good song, and I’m not gonna tell you what it's about. Cuz I'm afraid someone's gonna steal it.

Question: What about Ghostbusters song in the movie that you made.

Jack Black : Yeah I wrote that. Could be a hit. Well they said we didn't have the rights to use it, they were afraid we were gonna get sued if we sang the

Jack Black : Ghostbusters song, so Michel asked me if I could change it. And then we ended up getting actual songs o was a waste of time, but then kind of funny, to go from that made-up one to the real one.

Question: How long do you take to make that song? .

Jack Black : Years. 15 minutes. Yeah. [makes up song] It was tricky to make it really recognizably Ghostbusters, but totally different notes.

Question: Do you consider yourself an musician who acts or an actor who… musicians.

Jack Black : Uh...I'm an actor who musicians. I’m sorry, it's a very simple answer. But I've been asked so many times that I’ve figured it out—that's the actual answer.

Question: What's with the highlights.

Jack Black : Yes, looks like I am fresh from the salon, but I was a blond in my last movie, and it's growing out slowly. I should dye it back to my natural brown. I don't wanna look salon fresh, like i just came back from the salon. What do you think?

Question: It looks very “Lords of Dogtown.” I saw that movie. Who else has highlights. That French director. Luc Besson. I'm getting ready to play him in my next film.

Question: If you look at some of the amateur productions of “Star Wars”, and stuff like that, they look sweded. Have you seen any of them?

Jack Black : No, but I know that people are doing it. There was a story about a guy who recreated “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, but he and “Star Wars” guy recreated their movies to a tee, whereas Michel insisted we not watch any of the old movies to refresh our memory, he wanted it to be foggy recollection of what they say and do. But I was like, I haven’t seen driving miss daisy ever. I should see it once. And he was like, No! Even better. You saw the commercial you know, basically, what it is about.

Question: What it scripted, or you guys just completely making it up? It was scripted, but didn't get the dialogue from the movie, he himself kept it loose, and we were free to improvise off his foggy recollections.

Question: What's the difference between working with Gondry and Noah Baumbach on Margot at the Wedding?

Jack Black : Baumback, you couldn't change any of the words. It was all very poetic and precise. And um...they were similar in that they were both in one location, which was kinda great and easy. That's about the only similarity.

Question: They're both kind of low-fi organic movies as opposed to bigger budget things.

Jack Black : Yeah, but they're about as far apart, lo-fi productions in terms of just their energy on the set. Yeah, no one really yelled. Michel would get really passionate, and a little hot under the collar if people didn't understand what people were saying, but his accent is very thick, so sometimes it's hard to understand what the hell he's talking about. [imitates Gondry's accent] You're ruining my moviiiie-nooooi! but it's hard to takin him seriously when he's screaming and cussing at you, because he's like a little kid.

Well King Kong, that was an awful lot of fun, too. I've been having some good times. It's the same job, whatever the budget. That's not really the thing that makes it special. I like Peter Jackson and Michel equally, as collaborative dudes.

Question: In past interviews, you said you were going to re-act Back to the Future” and “Superman” in this movie, but you didn't Why?

Jack Black : Oh BTTF, we were gonna do that, we were rehearsing that, it was in the script, we had to take it out coz we didn't get permission? But i don't know why we needed permission? Because there's a rule about parody. You're allowed to parody movies. Movies that make fun of movies don't get permission, nobody asked me for permission to make fun of Nacho Libre with that other fat guy they got. I think maybe Michel wanted their blessing, didn't want to do it without. You should ask him.

Question: I’m sure that the actor who played the store manager was actually the Darnell August of Dr. Buzzard/Kid Creole Fame. Am I correct?

Jack Black : Yeah, that's Michel's favorite band, Kid Creole...he’s a good actor. I was impressed with his naturalistic style.

Question: You'll be more impressed if you go out and get the two albums of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band

Question: How do you expect your fans to react to this piece?

Jack Black : Um, well, I don't know I don't think of my fans as a real group of people, I don't have a fan club or anything, I don't think there's a Jack Black fan club, with a president and newsletters or anything. That should be organized. I think they'd like it, this is some of my best stuff, most loose and improvisational performance I've done, if it's as fun to watch as it was to make, it's gonna be very fun indeed.

Question: Has your movie choices and roles changed since parenthood?

Jack Black : It has changed. I was gonna make Babykiller 5000, it’s a robot futuristic holocaust...No, haven't really changed any of the things I was gonna do. I don' think pottymouth is bad, he's not going to see it until he's old enough. .

Question: Which one's accent is most fun to imitate?

Jack Black : Michel's clearly. I can't do the New Zealand one very well. I’m not even gonna try.

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