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Columbus Short Interview

3BlackChicks Review™... Columbus Short – Cadillac Records Interview (The Diva)

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Columbus Short
Star of
Cadillac Records (2009)

Copyright Kamal Larsuel , 2009

First of all, you wore that part out. Congrats on the NAACP Image Award.

Question: What can we see on the dvd that is not on the screen. ?

Columbus Short: Nothing real specific, people are going to be able to get in more and appreciate the work and the usic without all the hype. There is some fantastic work in this move-Oscar caliber work. People will get to appreciate that firsthand on their couch.

Question: How did you prepare for the role? Little walter died so young I would imagine there wasn’t a lot to pull from.

Columbus Short: There wasn’t any source material. As an actor, it’s easier to imitate a person. But I welcomed the challenge. I didn’t have any footage of him. Nothing showing him talking to other people or showing him playing music. I just based my performance on what the Director was trying to convey and where the other actors were going. This gave us a lot of artist freedom.

Question: Did you find a new appreciate for The Blues? Did you immerse yourself in that culture? Maybe head over to Tennessee and hang out with Morgan Freeman and soak up some of the music? .

Columbus Short: It certainly opened up my musical vocabulary. Added several new tracks to my IPOD. I would love to hang out in Tennessee, I just don’t have the time, but I need make time and start doing stuff for myself. .

Question: I’m sure that everyone asks about Beyoncé, but I want to know what it was like working with other members of the cast, Like Mos Def for instance, I heard he is a method actor is that true? Did he ever break character?

Columbus Short: We were playing great mean and didn’t want to lose their spirits t so we just let them ake over, I know it sounds crazy. But you felt like you were channeling them. I was talking like Little Walter I tried to keep the set happy because it was a heavy movie. After I shot the last scene I took some time and said to Little Walter’s spirit, “I’m going to miss you.” It took me a couple of months to really let him go completely.

Question: Did you use your connection to assert yourself. Did you channel Walter help you in any sticky situations? I mean you weren’t in the papers so I know you weren’t starting bar fights as Walter…

Columbus Short: I’ll let you in on a little secret - I’ve always been a hothead and rambunctious> I didn’t need need Walter to assert myself, but it was a bit heated the first couple of the months. I had a swagger and was talking crazy. I was a cocky Son of a gun! I really had to chill out.

Question: This is a “duh” question, but I really want to know obviously it’s called “acting” for a reason, but for example I do not drink, so I would know how to act like an alcoholic or how to be drunk. Walter had some demons, how did you get into to that level of his character?

Columbus Short: I’ll tell you like I tell all the younger actors coming up. I’ve been in the game since I was 10. And I just take from life experiences. I’ve never been a drunk, but I’ve seen them, I’ve seen drug addicts, I’ve seen people fall in love and out of love. I take all these life experiences and what I’ve seen and I channel all those emotions into my character. Life experiences give you a lot to draw from even if you haven’t personally experienced them.

Question: Has winning the NAACP award helped propel you at all?

Columbus Short: That has yet to be seen. But it is a step in the right direction. I’d love to be sitting at the Oscar’s and have Meryl Streep lean over and whisper to me, “You do good work”, Getting the award was a boost to my confidence. I mean these are my peers. People in the game that I look up too. Every day is a dream I walk cautiously, in case it all goes away, but my dream is coming true. I hope the one day I’m considered to be at the top of the game among those who are already there. Be it television or film, right now, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m getting there.

Question : Speaking of television, I mourn “Studio 60” Any chance of you coming back to television?

Columbus Short: I loved that show too. Aaron Sorkin is one of the greatest writers out there. ” A Few Good Men”? “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” “A Few Good Men”, and “Scarface”, that’s it for me. But back to Aaron, to speak his words was one of the great experiences of my life. “Studio 60” just might not have been for mainstream America. Maybe you needed to be in the game to truly appreciate it. We were supposed to get shut down 3 weeks before, it actually happened and Aaron told us, “Look don’t worry about it. The ones you want like and respect the show are loving it. Your peers, they get it and they love it and they are watching you.” .

Question: Can you clear up a few rumors for us? Lethal Weapon 5? Gonna happen?

Columbus Short: No. Mel shut it down I was excited and ready to go, but you can’t make the movie without him and Mel didn’t think we could do it.

Question: The Trunk. Based on the name of the character and the theme of the movie, is it safe to say you are one of the principals and a tell us a little bit about the movie?

I was going to take the lead of Coltrane, but it’s a young role and I’m trying pay adults now. So I’ll probably talk to Brian and we’ll produce it instead and just get it off the ground..

Question: Whiteout is coming out on 9/11/09. Can you talk about that? Was it filmed on location?

Question: It was filmed in Manitoba Canada. Which is about as close to looking like Antarctica as you can get. It was coler than you can imagine. We filmed 100 miles from the middle of nowhere. It was freezing cold and I was thinking, “dreamed my whole life for this?” (laughs) but it was all good. I play a coast guard pilot who discovers the first murdered body – ever in Antarctica. I team with Kate Beckingsales’s and Tom Skerrit’s characters to get to the bottom of the murder and we have to do it in 4 days because after that, it goes dark for 6 months. and we team up four days before it goes dark. .

Question: I’m sure your thought and prayers go out to both Chris Brown and Rhianna. Can you talk a bit about how hard it is to have a personal issue like what they are facing, and not having the space to deal with it privately. Is this a fair trade off for fame?

Columbus Short:I will start with scripture: When much is given, much is required> Big rewards mean big responsibility. Fame can be a blessing and a curse. Whether we want it or not we have to set and example. Young people looking up to us and making the moves that we are and when we are detrimental to other human beings, What message are we sending? It’s not okay. It is NOT okay. And yes it’s hard to be in the public eye, but we have to responsible for our actions. And we won’t have to be worried about private issues being aired in public if we aren’t getting pulled over for DUI’s ; or carrying guns; or fighting clubs. And down to the situation that happened last month [between Chris Brown and Rhianna] is unfortunate. I mean look at Britney or even Drew Barrymore people who were just trying to be young and had their issues, but had to deal with them in the public eye. We all want to be able to be young and make our mistakes without scrutiny, but if you are in the game, that’s not a luxury for you..

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