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Open Letter To President Obama

[This was written by a dear Friend of mine, enjoy!]


Dear President Obama:

Today I read in the newspaper that AIG's lawyers claim that AIG is legally obligated to pay those grotesque bonuses to its employees, in effect, paying them with taxpayer dollars.

Mr. President, please do not believe this garbage! It's not true. Whatever contracts AIG entered into with its employees regarding bonuses, those contracts are invalid if their enforcement is contrary to public policy. As a Harvard-trained lawyer, I know you know that the courts have the power to declare void certain contractual provisions as contrary to public policy.

Therefore, I expect your administration to stand up to AIG and tell them in no uncertain terms that the taxpayer money given to them requires that no bonuses be paid to any employees.

If AIG protests to you that they are legally obligated to pay those bonuses, they are lying to you. I will put my credibility on the line to prove it. I am an attorney with over 12 years in practice. I am willing to volunteer my services, free of charge, to the cause of proving in court that AIG is not legally obligated to paying any bonuses for the reasons cited above. I know you have lawyers working for you who are undoubtedly very talented and skilled, but I haven't yet heard that your administration has rejected the notion that AIG is obligated to pay these bonuses. From this, I must infer the possibility that no one on your staff agrees with this assessment, and therefore are unwilling to make this argument in court. If this is the case, then please take advantage of my offer to argue this point on behalf of your administration, at no cost to the taxpayers.

I think I speak for most if not all taxpayers in this country when I say I am outraged and disgusted that taxpayer dollars are being used to pay these disgusting bonuses to AIG employees. While I support the taxpayer bailout of AIG, I do not in any way support the payout of extravagant bonuses to AIG employees with taxpayer money. I find that disgusting and reprehensible. I also find it shocking and offensive that AIG would try to have the American public believe that the payout of these revolting bonuses is legally required.

I voted for you in part because of your formidable intelligence. I would be shocked and dismayed if you proved gullible enough to believe the lie that AIG is trying to sell to your administration. Please do all you can to fight AIG on this point, and feel free to utilize my services if necessary.


Sanford A. Toyen, Esq.
California State Bar # 177172
San Diego, CA

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