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Marley and Me [On DVD 3/31/09]


The Diva's review of
Marley and Me DVD(2009)


Rated; running time of 1 hour and 50 minutes
Genre: Dramedy
Written by : Scott Frank and Don Roos, based on the book by John Grogan
Directed by: David Frankel
Cast : Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Kathleen Turner, Alan Arkin Date: 12/25/08
DVD release Date:03/31/09
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 60% - Fresh
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Theatrical Performance
Total US Gross $ 142,894,352
International Gross $ 62,434,885
Worldwide Gross $ 205,329,237



The Digest

College sweethearts John (Owen Wilson) and Jennifer (Jennifer Aniston) after many years have decided to get married. Both are in the newspaper business. Jennifer more of an investigative reporter and John a columnist. It is her job that leads the way south to Florida where John lands a job at the local paper. Ready to take the plunge into parenthood, they decide to try it out on a puppy first.

In walks Marley. Marley is a Labrador who enters their lives and changes them forever. Marley is untrainable. But John and Jen have heart full of love to give and Marley is good for John. Marley’s escapades have found their way into John’s column and though john wants to be an investigative reporter, his Marley stories sell.

Marley is more than a handful, but as life grows and changes for the Grogans, Marley is always there. Through 4 pregnancies (1 miscarriage); Post-partum stress; a rough patch in the marriage; moving to another state. But the one thing that never changes, good or bad, is Marley.

The Dish

Before you run out and grab the movie and sit down with your kids, be prepared to have to discuss life lessons with your children about birth and death. This is NOT “Beethoven”. Yes it’s funny, but it is also a deep look into the life of a family and all the issues that we all deal with. The bumps we all have in our marriages at time. And you know that dogs don’t live forever.

That said, I did really enjoy it. As the “mother” of two untrainable Dalmatians. I got it. We adopted them to prepare for having kids. It’s a good thing we’ve done better with the human child. Both the dogs were kicked out of doggy school. One ate a couch. Seriously. She ate every single cushion. In 9 hours. He climbed on the couch we had left and humped my sister-in-law’s head.(I really tried not to laugh). My daughter had to take her plate with her wherever she went. Even if she went to the bathroom for 3 minutes, her plate would be licked clean before we could do anything. I got this movie. I understood the frustration and anger. I told my husband to drop the dos off in Canada after he left a door open and they chewed up my wedding shoes and bouquet. I think I told my husband to not come home either since it was his fault. I got it. But you don’t have to have a dog from hell to enjoy this movie. You don’t have to love dogs. You just have to love a soft-hearted story. I think Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston were able to tenderly capture the intimate details of this familial relationship. And I don’t think I’ve seen either of them play parents before. It was a nice departure.


• The Marley & Me Special Edition DVD will be presented in widescreen format (2.35:1 aspect ratio) with English 5.1 Dolby Surround and Spanish and French Dolby Surround Sound with English and Spanish subtitles. Bonus features include:
• 19 Deleted Scenes With Director, David Frankel Commentary
• Finding Marley featurette
• Breaking the Golden Rule featurette
• On Set with Marley: Dog of All Trades featurette
• Animal Adoption featurette
• Purina® Dog Chow® Marley & Me Video Contest Finalists
• Purina® Dog Chow® Video Hall of Fame
• Gag Reel
• When Not to Pee featurette
• Digital Copy I was a little outdone by the product placement in the DVD extras. I thought it was overkill, but I really enjoyed th e other features. The deleted scenes seem to only be deleted to shave time, not for any editorial purpose. I think they could have kept them in. My favorite was the Pee featurette. While we did not potty train our dogs in that fashion, I got it and laughed. When you have dogs to prepare yourself for kids, you do silly stuff like that.

The Directive

Again, think about it before you sit the kids down to watch it, but it is well worth the rental.

3BC Ratings



After watching this, you kinda wish “Marley and Me” was about Marley and Me.

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