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The Diva's Review of Wizards Waverly Place The Movie


The Diva's review of

Wizards Waverly Place The Movie Extended Edition



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The Russo’s decide to go on vacation. Everyone but Alex (Selena Gomez) is determined to have a good time and a fit of selfishness, she accidentally casts a spell that alters her family to the point of almost non-existence – she wishes her mother was never her mother. Well she gets her wish, but it’s not the wish she really wants. While Max (Jake T. Austin) tries to keep his parents together, by forcing them to like a each other, Alex and Justin (David Henrie) search for the “Stone of Dreams” A mythological stone that is suppose to grant any one wish that you ask of it. But making find the stone is not without danger and requires a selfless act that Alex may not be able to perform. .

The Dish

Bonus Features
• Color-Changing Wishing Stone With Clip (Limited Time Only) included on pack • Insider’s Exclusive – On Location! – Your Favorite Stars Reveal: Special Effects; Movie Stunts; Magical Props; Animal Actors & More!

STREET DATE: December 15, 2009
(Canada) Rated: ‘TV-G’ (US); ‘G’ (Canada)
Run time: 98 minutes
Language: English, Spanish, French

My daughter loves Wizards, so I used her reaction to gauge if this was a hit or miss. And it was both. She’s only watched it twice and at almost 7, it is not unusual for her to watch something 11 times in 3 days. She also didn’t have a good belly laugh. While watching the television show, it is not uncommon for me to hear her “guffaw” loudly. So what was missing? I think the movie was a bit choppy in places. I think Alex was uncomfortably written to have a VERY smart mouth this go around. Don’t get me wrong, she is no angel on the television show in terms of her mouth, but I watched my daughter squirm as Alex, “screamed I hate you” to her mother and when Alex was more disrespectful to her mother than usual. Now having screamed “I Hate you” to my own mother when I was 16, I know that it is not unheard of, but it was unheard of for Alex. She pushes it with her smart mouth, but she never really crosses the line where her mother wants to beat her down – until this movie.

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I did enjoy seeing Max get a little more screen time and watching Jerry enjoy his abilities was refreshing. And it was very much Rated g., that in and of itself is pleasant, but depending on how things run in your house, you might want to check out the movie before the little one does, so they don’t lose their mind and talk to you like Alex did, to her mother *smile* < p>

3BC Ratings

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I wish they had stayed home instead. .

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