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V Season 2 Episode 10 -Mother's Day



The Diva's recap of 
V Season 2 Episode 10 –Mother’s Day (2011)











Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama
Cast: Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans
Morris Chestnut- Ryan Nichols
Joel Gretsch- Father Jack Landry
Logan Huffman - Tyler Evans
Laura Vandervoort-Lisa
Morena Baccarin-Anna
Scott Wolf - Chad Decker
Jane Badler – Diana
Marc Singer - Lars Tremont
Season 2 Episode 10 - Airdate: 3/15/11



The Digest

The 5th Column (that is such a dumb name) has a plan to kill Anna. After urgency set forth by Diana, they come up with the idea to fake kidnap Lisa. This serves two purposes. 1. It will lure Anna away from her guards, giving Diana a chance to escape and 2. This will give Lisa the opportunity to kill her mother. Fool-proof, right? Wrong. Anna catches a reflection of Lisa holding a gun and plays to Lisa’s new found emotions. To the surprise of the 5th, Lisa walks out slowly followed by Anna. (And somewhere in the 1970s Florida Evans is saying “Damn. Damn. Damn!”)

The 5th tries to hustle Diana out, but she refuses. Instead she wants to address her loyal subjects. Big mistake.

Meanwhile Erica finally reaches Tyler and tells him everything. Rather than just taking his mom’s word for it, he must run off to Lisa and ask her if its true. Now if my mother calls me and tells me my boyfriend is really a lizard in human skin, I might question it too, but my first course of action would be to high-tail it home and see how and when I can have my mother committed. At which point my mother could then show me proof, but I guess that’s why I don’t write for television.

As this is all unfolding, Anna is pissed and she ain’t taken NO prisoners, well except for Lisa. And in the end, several characters are killed off and a 5th column member is discovered by Anna. AND Erica herself is kidnapped by Lars Tremont, who is the leader of Project Aries. A project that he calls humanity’s last hope. And he may be right, because every human that is not a mile underground with him, are up on Earth getting Blissed out of their minds. Here’s hoping there is a Season 3!

The Dish

Now THAT’S how you kill your mother.

WHAT? Yup . That’s what that heifah Anna said. Okay Heifer, not so much, but you get my point. She said it right after she sent her tail piercing through Diana, just as Diana was addressing her people. It was like Sam Jackson in “Deep Blue Sea” - in the middle of a glorious speech then BAM! No more Sam Jackson and no more Diana. She took a tail to the midsection.  Now part of me was kind of happy to see her get it. Some long dormant hatred of her from V 1984. But at THAT instant, Anna became the JR Ewing of primetime – the woman er, um, Lizard we love to hate. Okay maybe not THAT instant. Maybe it was when she manipulated Lisa into not killing her, but definitely after she took care of Tyler. Tyler was a ROYAL pain in the butt, but she didn’t have to do him dirty like that.

What did she do you ask? She hatched her queen egg; ordered it “skinned” up to look like Lisa; then sent it to have sex with Tyler. Dumbass Tyler fell for it and promptly had his throat torn out after the coupling was over – all while the real Lisa was imprisoned and watching it unfold on the big screen, that her loving mother provided for her. Oh Snap!

As if that weren’t enough- Ryan met his demise at the hands of his precocious little daughter. Now I don’t believe in hitting children, but I tell you what, my daughter would get gut punched before she could wrap her tail around me and choke me out. The minute I see that tail twitching- PIE-YOW! As Cliff Huxtable famously said, “I brought you into this world- I’ll take you out!”

By the end of the show, 3 characters were dead , one was M.I.A., and that ham Chad Decker was presumably getting ready to be dinner. And the entire planet was under “bliss” brought to you by the little daddy killing hybrid.

What a way to end the season. It’s shame too, because this is the kind of episode we’ve been waiting for. I hung in there hoping against hope that it was going to live up to the hype. Granted the hype was more in my head than anywhere else, but nonetheless, FINALLY, an episode that had me on the edge of my seat.

The Directive

It might have been too little too late. You can’t really build a viewership on the very last episode of the season. The viewing audience is fickle and I’m not sure this was enough to keep everyone waiting with baited breath until next September – if it’s even picked up for Season 3. ABC didn’t have enough faith to even let it run its full 13 episodes. Only time will tell. But check out if you can. Maybe if they release this season on DVD , it will spark enough interest to bring it back in the fall.

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That’s how you kill your mother – indeed.

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