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The Diva's recap of Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Episode 2


The Diva's recap of 
Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Episode 2 (2011)










Genre: Reality
Cast: Dionne Warwick
Richard Hatch
NeNe Leakes
Marlee Matlin
José Canseco
La Toya Jackson
Gary Busey
Hope Dworaczyk
Lisa Rinna
Niki Taylor
Meat Loaf
Star Jones
Lil John
John Rich
Mark McGrath

Season 4 Episode 2Airdate: 3/13/11



The Digest

The task was to make a Children's book with several mothers on A.S.A.P. This should be a walk in the park, right? Wrong. Firstly, the women couldn’t even agree on what kind of book they wanted. Marlee Matlin pushed for a book about excepting those in the deaf community. Given that I personally know several mothers who taught their hearing children to communicate with sign language as a means to communicate before they learned to actually speak, I thought this was a winning idea. However project manager Lisa Rinna, was over powered by the ego’s of Star Jones and Dionne Warwick and she went their (dumbass) idea “Latoya the Lion” which encouraged children to be themselves. Fine, but the book was supposed to be for 3 and 4 year-olds who don’t generally have identity issues. After they get to school is when they really start dealing with peer pressure. But you can’t tell Star and Dionne that, who thought deaf acceptance was too advanced.

Lisa Rinna ( who I really think just wanted to be in different room than those two, maybe even on another planet) her absence left Star and Dionne behind and responsible for the entire book. So much so, that they felt that should get full and solo credit on the book. In other words, not “By A.S.A.P” but “By Star Jones and Dionne Warwick”. Lisa declined, but not forceful enough for my tastes. I wouldn’t sooner curse out Dionne than I would my own grandmother, but you know what? That was some Bull. PIE. And I would have told her so very clearly. Star is an opportunist and she needs to be taken down a peg or two.

Meanwhile the men of Backbone, settled on a story using Lil Jon as their central character with the only hiccup being José Canseco was initially given the wrong address and he had a mini- melt-down.

Both presentation went well. The children in the Backbone presentation looked a little overwhelmed by the noise and confetti. While the A.S.A.P. kids looked like they were bored half the time.

Back in the boardroom we learn that Boardroom narrowly won. Their book would be published and the proceeds donated to Meatloaf’s charity. A.S.A.P lost because the judges felt that the font was too small - which I thought was a dumb reason. They can fix that before mass printing- and the theme was too sophisticated. Hmmm I believe both Niki Taylor and Marlee Matlin both said that.

The women lost solely because of the book so it is a no brainer. Lisa brought Dionne and Star back into the boardroom and since they wanted so much credit for the book, which caused the loss, then it should’ve been easy, one of them “gots” to go. Right? Nope. Lisa proved herself further incapable of standing up for herself and they chewed her up and spit her out. Lisa Rinna went home.

The Dish

I have to say, I was really disappointed in seeing Dionne show her behind. She should really be ashamed of herself at how she has conducted herself over the last 2 weeks.

I’m not really surprised with Star’s behavior. She just really needs to be the center of attention. I used to just love her to pieces when she was on Court TV, way back when; I even liked her when she was on The View until those last 2 or 3 years. She is once again making me second guess my former admiration of her. Her antics leave a sour taste in my mouth.

The Directive

This season is shaping up to be a train wreck that you just can’t stop watching. I’m generally opposed to NeNe Leakes antics, but I’m ready for her to step up and put the smack down on Star. I hate to see black women act so pedestrian, but sometimes you have to bring out The Ghetto.

3BC Ratingsgreen light


Marlee: Well I was told that Dionne is a great singer..
Trump: You were told? You don't know? How could you not know? Dionne is a Legend
Marlee: Well I'm deaf...

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