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The Diva's recap of Don't Trust the B**** in Apt. 23 Season1 Episode 1 (2012)



The Diva's recap of 
Don't Trust the B**** in Apt. 23 Season 1 Episode 1 (2012)



Season 1 Premiere Airdate: 4/11/12




The Digest

Nearly 26-year-old June (Dreama Walker all bright eyed and bushy tailed from Indiana, has moved to NYC and landed her dream job, She is working at a high powered mortgage company and has a nice corporate apartment . She reports to her first day at work only to find the office in chaos because the cops are raiding it on the accusation of securities fraud. She promptly finds herself with no job, no money, and no place to live all on her first day in New York.

She meets Chloe (Krysten Ritter), who is looking for a roommate and she is too good to be true. She is PERFECT. What June doesn’t know is the Chloe’s main source of income is taking in unsuspecting “Polly Annas”, if you will and dupes them out of their money. She tells them their deposit and rent is double or triple what it really is and then she drives them nearly crazy until they move out Then she repeats this cycle all over again. To make things even wackier, Chloe’s best friends is James Van Der Beek. She uses this to further entice people to move in with her. He knows she is doing this and doesn’t condone, but he is so wrapped up in his ego, he just lets it happen.

But Chloe doesn’t count on June having the moxie that she does. June gives as good as she gets and before Chloe knows it, she actually wants June to stay and be her friend and roommate. This is doesn’t mean that Chloe is “nice” by any stretch of the imagination. Chloe can’t help herself but to prank June every chance she gets, but they some how manage to find a way to except one another and make it work.

The Dish

I admit it, I cracked up.  I can’t even *try* to think like Chloe, she is downright diabolical. I love the casting I think Dreama and Krysten play well off each other nad casting James Van Der Beek as himself is friggin genius. So far so good, BUT I worry that it will become cliché or jump the shark very quickly. I want it to succeed, but honestly just how many crazy gags can Chloe pull? At what point will June start catching on and seeing it come. Chloe is clever, but not that that clever.

The Directive

I think you should check out 1 or 2 episodes and see how you like it. It might be a bit TOO clever for a lot of folks and some viewers might actually feel guilty about laughing at the mean spirited Chloe. But just give it a try.


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Yeah she really is a B*****

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