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The Diva's recap of The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale (2012)



The Diva's recap of 
The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale (2012)



Season 2 Finale Airdate: 3/18/12


The Digest

Well. Rick killed Shane and shane turned into a walker and I nearly pee’d my pants. That was last week. A shell shocked Rick who just witnessed his son put a bullet in the head of his reanimated best friend, is trying to explain to Carl (Chandler Riggs) exactly what happened to  Shane (Jon Bernthal) when, they realize that a HORDE of walkers are upon them and they have to haul ass back to the farm. They make it to the safety of the barn and try to figure out how to survive. Rick decides to lure them into the barn and then torch the joint. This takes out about 50 of them. Which leaves another hundred or so that are headed right to the farm house.

What follows is about 30 minutes of sheer carnage. It’s so intense watching each of them load and reload and Zombie heads exploding. We lose Jimmy and Patricia. Why Jimmy opened the RV door is beyond me, but of well. The group eventually flees the farm and try to regroup.

After being separated they all find each other, the only one still missing is Andrea. Rick basically snaps and  asserts his leadership and also tells the group what happened to Shane and he finally discloses what Jenner told him -"We're all infected" – whoops. You would think that was the “Oh Shit” moment, but it wasn’t. That moment belongs to our dear sweet Andrea who is on her own and being run down by walkers. She is on the ground out of ammo and getting ready to meet her maker when the threat is gone and behind the threat is a tall hood figure wielding a Katana. Behind the figure are two walkers on chains without arms or jaws. That figure is the badass Michonne. NOW things are going to get really interesting.


The Dish

Lord have mercy that is the way you end a season! Any complaints I had I take back EXCEPT for  my dislike of Lori turning into Lady MacBeth. Just when I thought she has redeemed herself, she treats Rick like crap after he reveals the truth about Shane. It was either Rick or Shane, LORI. Where is your loyalty? I’m not sure what I’m going to do until next October. I have read a few of the graphic novels so I know some of the backstory and I really can not wait to see Michonne in action.

The Directive

I know Zombies aren’t for everyone, but this is really one of the best shows on television. It is so well written and compelling and you get so invested in each character even if its only a brief introduction. These people are all that remain of humanity and you want them to survive and thrive, but with the new layer of everyone being infected, wow what a twist. Clearly even though they are all the remains of humanity, with all f them carrying the bug, what exactly does humanity mean?


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They are all The Walking Dead.

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