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The Diva's recap of Missing 1 Episode 1


The Diva's recap of 
Missing Season 1 Episode 1 (2012)




Season 1 Premiere Airdate: 3/15/12

The Digest

Rebecca Winstone (Ashey Judd) is a widowed and retired CIA agent who has put that behind her and for the past 10 years, she’s has been the owner of a flower shop and a devoted mother to Michael. Michael is now 18 and has informed his mother that not only did he apply to a college in Rome, he got accepted. This brings back a flood of memories for her, most specifically the image of an 8 year old Michael screaming and being held back as he witnesses the car bomb that takes the life of his father, Paul, who was also in the CIA. Rebecca is reluctant, but agrees to let him go even though he is unaware of the fact that both his parents were once in the CIA.

Things are great for the first few weeks. Becca and Michael text, and video chat everyday, then about 2 weeks into his trip, Michael stops contacting his mother and no longer responds to her calls. Knowing that something is wrong, Becca travels to Rome and has her worst fears confirmed. Her son has been kidnapped.

The took the wrong woman’s son. That much is evident as Becca kicks ass all over Rome. However word of her ass kicking reaches the agency and an order to bring her in is sent down the chain. Agent Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis.) is tasked with this directive and quickly finds himself over his head when Becca thwarts his teams attempt to bring her in and he notes, "The thinner the file, the better the agent." And Becca’s file is paper thin.


Giancarlo, an agent for Interpol and friend ( or more, as is hinted) knows exactly what Becca brings to the table and he  has her back. Meanwhile, Agent Miller who was once determined to bring Becca in, has come to respect her skills and knowledge and timidly decides to help her, but exactly what are they up against?


The Dish

That was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t prepared for Ashley Judd’s Becca to be so strong. I don’t mean physically strong, I mean emotionally strong, She is reinforced steel and she WILL put you on your back if you get in her way.  I love the 3 Becca’s - the sweet flower lady; the mother whose heart melts at the site of her son; and the one who will beat you with your own shoe. I was on the edge of my sit as Ran through the streets of Rome finding clues about her son and handling her business.

The Directive

I did like this episode, but I could see myself dropping off if they carry this on for too long. They need to make sure she finds Michael and brings him to safety then she needs to figure out why he was taken. But if I look up next year and he’s still gone, I’ll likely bore of the show. I also don’t believe for one second that Paul is really dead.  You don’t hire Sean Bean and kill him off within 5 minutes. You make the audience fall in love with him and when they least expect it,  in the last episode you decapitate him in front of his kids, while you are sitting there slack-jawed and blinking over what just happened. Oh sorry, wrong show.


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Give me back my son!

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