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The Diva's recap of Smash Season 1 Episode 1 (2011)


The Diva's recap of 
Smash Season 1 Episode 1 (2011)


Season 1 Premiere Airdate: 2/6/12



The Digest

Julia (Debra Messing) and Tom (Christian Borle) area pair of successful Broadway writing partners. They having been working non-stop and have decided to take a break. Julia and her husband Frank the parents of a teenaged son, wish to adopt a baby and Tom is just going to take a break. That is until his assistant Ellis (Jaime Cepero) mentions that he read a copy of a Marilyn Monroe biography and couldn’t put it down. He off handedly mentions that someone should do a play based on her life and Julia and Tom are intrigued.

They pound out one song and bring in Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty), chorus girl in Julia and Tom’s current hit, Heaven on Earth. Sje sings the one song they have written the Ellis “accidentally” leaks on to youtube.  


Julia is pissed until everyone likes it and it draws the attention of  producer  Eileen, ( Anjelica Huston) and director Derek ( Jack Davenport). Next thing you know, they have written an entire musical around the life of Marilyn Monroe and everyone wants a part of it and in it. The afore mentioned Ivy Lynn and  Karen (Katharine McPhee) a sweet and naïve girl from Iowa, go head to head for the part of Marilyn.

 They both receive a callback.  Which one has the grit and vulnerability to bring the tragic icon to the great white way?

The Dish


Those who know me, know that I absolutely ADORE musicals, so “Smash” would have had to be REALLY bad for me not to like it. Well thank god that’s not a problem! Smash is flippin awesome! I never thought I would be waiting with baited breath to see what happens with Marilyn Monroe of all people. And I love the way the story was written. It’s not just about the music, there is some drama and backstabbing and slimy behavior. It’s just salacious enough to keep those not really into the music, interested and not so much that “Gleeks” like me will get turned off. My biggest surprise is Idol Alum Katherine McPhee. Turns out she has some acting chops. Bravo, girl!

The Directive

The entire concept is brilliant and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. And NBC, if for some reason the ratings don’t meet your expectations, PLEASE let all the episodes air. I will lose sleep if I don’t know how it all turns out.


3BC RatingsGreen light


Here's hoping Smash is a smash

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